A Prayer of Optimism

And you walk through your patches
and pillars of green
and gaze at the sun
and it’s unyielding sheen
and the thoughts of the ages
run through your head
and you think of the moment
and the words that were said
and the dream of a lifetime
drifts up on high
and you reach for it’s glow
as you strecth t’ord the sky
and you feel that it’s drifting
and escaping your hand
and you think that you’re losing
all the things that you planned

but it will fly to your soul
and kiss your heart
and you’ll know that you’ve conquered
the most difficult part
you’ll find yourself there
and smile as you lie
and you’ll see that you’re travelling
the neverending sky

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Optimism? Wow. What a concept. Point is: there’s a lot of life to live. Keep reaching.


Chased ‘Round the Frying Pan

I’m lost in the day
and I wallow in the hour
I question the sky
and it’s mysterious power

I gaze about me
and looking for a reason
why I’m here and there
in the corners of the season

I find a way
to reach deep inside
to grab, to hold
hold on for the ride

I travel high above
this melancholy day
I ask, I speak
but I’ve nothing much to say

and the time at bay
is soft as honey hand
I look, I find
it’s getting easier to stand

standing here waiting
for peace across the sky
keeping the fire in my soul
and the lightning in my eye

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Title stolen from a line from a Tom Waits song: “Well, the eggs chase the bacon ’round the frying pan”.


let’s ride
ride this sprawling night
baby, let’s hide
hide ’til the dawn’s golden light

let’s give
let’s give it what we got
baby, let’s live
live the darkness hot

let’s be
let’s be the raging ones
baby, let’s see
the land of a thousand suns

let’s go
let’s go to the end of day
baby, let’s know
all that we want to say

(from “Part Four: Tragic Glorious”)

Just a funky little ‘rhythm tune’. R & B meets beat poet.