Department of Youth

Rip my jeans for rock ‘n’ roll
scream loud and spit bullets
subsonic tuneage vibrates my rib cage
my fists pierce the air
all day and all of the night
I break on through
transvestites ask for platform boots
and claw, scratch and kiss
with a wagging tongue
I’m torn from my seat
my ears bleeding and screaming
my larynx scarred and hoarse
back in the peace of my dark
in my room
eyes closed tightly, I sweat and shiver
temples throb with rythmic ecstasy
convulsing soul, right to the corps
the Fool paints the picture
my eyes strain to see
a plain, white jacket instead
my lonely heart is set at ease
with a little help from Mr. Kite
a splendid time is guaranteed for all
as the steam-organ swirls
pass the hash-pipe, Billy
and bring out the Doors’ tapes

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

An homage to rock ‘n’ roll. You can play ‘spot the references’.


Sweet Michelle

We stood together, alone
confused and hungry
solitary in the night
my body cried out for her
but my heart lay far away
the stars did not shine on our
moment together
but the flames of desire lit the night
and as I held her, I felt so right
but something was missing
our embrace brought my lips to her
creamy, smooth neck
her fingers rustled the back of my hair
we could feel the passion in the air
but our hearts weren’t there
my hand slid across her sleek body
as I kissed her with a passion
and we stood together in paradise
but only for a moment
and then it was over
but the memory has never ended
sometimes I wish it would…

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Maybe it’s another girl in your circle of friends. Maybe it’s your buddy’s girl. It’s not right but sometimes a thought crosses your mind. Those thoughts can be powerful.

This Ain’t Hollywood

My limozeen pulls up
flash bulbs goin’ wild
I give my fans a wave of the hand
they’re screamin’ and I’m one hot child

I can’t get through the doorway
reporters gettin’ in my face
I’m tryin’ to get by, feelin’ real high
they’re sayin’ I’m the next Johnny Ace

awards are comin’, baby, left and right
I’m on every talk show goin’
I’m getting movie deals and coppin’ feels
backstage the brews are flowin’

you’ll see me on every magazine
I’m the biggest boy in town
hands on my knees, naked in jacuzzis
I’m the coolest cat around

now all the beer’s gone to my liver
I’m snortin’ my life down the drain
I can’t get it up, I’m runnin’ outta luck
I’ve got all the VD you can name

this can’t be Hollywood
I’m passed out on the floor
I’m sick of fighting off fags and escorting old bags
and I’m not gonna take it no more

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Just having some fun. I like the rhyming sequence. Just a lost, politically-incorrect dude finding out the dark side of fame.

Escape to the Ballroom

I sit here lectured, sluggish and smoked
my mind stifled, beheaded and choked
here I hang, flapping in the wind
my cup is now empty, once filled to the brim

rustic ruins smoke cigars at night
not enough money to purchase a plight
I plea for integrity, for sand under my feet
someone cool to drink and hot to eat

blackness surrounds the klansman ’til dawn
watching him awake and put his boots on
waltzing down alleys, looking for a seat
the signpost ahead, this is positively 4th street

brown leaves sway and dance in the breeze
escape to the ballroom, drop to your knees
cheek to cheek with the walrus at night
not enough happiness to buy back your rights

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Just rubbish, really. I was reading a lot about Jim Morrison at the time.

The Hawkmoon of Desire

Like a thief needs the night
like a blindman needs sight
like a young girl’s delight
like a fist needs a fight
like lovers need moonlight
like seeing the light

My heart is an open wound
I’m dying but not dead
weeping but not crying
screaming but not raising my voice
standing but not yet running
I stagger like a drunk
and yet I fly like an eagle
I am alive, goddammnit
and my happiness and sanity will soon return
she has told me so
she has smiled her face upon me
she has kissed me with lips of wine
the sun gallops towards the sky
to shine it’s light on me once more
the black sky shattered
never to reign o’er me again
my happiness and sanity will soon return
and I am alive

Like the sky needs blue
like a cop needs a clue
like the morning needs dew
like the old needs the new
like a church needs a pew
like a room needs a view…

I need you
I need your love

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

An idea borrowed from U2’s “Hawkmoon 269”. Sometimes seems like somebody else holds the keys to your happiness.

Return to Splendour

White snow from the sky
red cheeks on a child
all around me smile and smoke and play cards
with a thunderous guffaw, I’m clapped on the back
my friends double with laughter
they can’t see my trembling mind
don’t know my desire to fold
as the hand is dealt
my face cracked with sorrow
I choke, and smoke-rings flee my heart
is there hope for one
lost in the valley of the shadow
desolate, yet hoping
shattered, yet throbbing
throbbing with life spraying from
her fingertips…

The fat lady rests in her chambers
coughing the phlegm of my victory
projecting from mouth to spitoon
she groans and she faints
love shines bright on the horizon and
she’ll not sing today

(from “Part Three: Seduced By Fantasy…”)

Heavy despair but there’s hope. It ain’t over ’til the fat lady sings.